Spinal Problems : Whiplash associated disorder, Disc problems, Neck, lower back, thoracic pain and stiffness, sciatica and postural problems.

Upper Limb problems : Frozen shoulder, tendinopathy, tennis / golfers elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome.

Lower Limb problems : Ligament strains, twisted ankles, swollen joints, bunion pain, arch collapse.

Sports injuries : Torn calf muscles, groin strains, pulled hamstrings, shin splints, strains and sprains, Achiiles Tendinopathy, Heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

Degenerative / Rheumatic Disorders such as Arthritis

Post Operative treatment : Treatment following fractures and joint replacement surgery.

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physical Therapy, Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic.

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We offer an extensive range of manual and electro-therapy skills in conjunction with exercise therapy and education to treat and manage a wide range of conditions.

Assessment will be undertaken on the first visit and an appropriate treatment plan and advice will be given based on that assessment.

Ultra sound, Interferential, H-wave, Traction, Acupuncture are all available.
We also practice Kinesiology taping.

Treatment sessions last approximately 30 minutes ​at a cost of £45 per session which includes all treatment therapies including acupuncture.

physical Therapy, Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic.

Beneficial for...

A quicker recovery with less time 
off work ​may be achieved with early treatment.

Private Physiotherapist can offer...
Specialist Expertise
Education and Advice
Individual Attention and Treatment
Speed of Service

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