How soon can I get an appointment 
We can usually offer an appointment within 24 hours

Do I need a doctors note
If you are paying for the treatment yourself, No
If you are using private medical insurance you will need to check with your provider

How long do the sessions last
Approximately 30 minutes

How much are the sessions 
£45 per session which includes all treatment therapies
No extra charge for acupuncture, taping etc

Do I need to bring anything
We will need to know if you are taking any medication
If you have had a scan of any kind a copy of the report is very helpful

What should I wear
You will obviously need to remove clothing to allow access to the affected area
If you are more comfortable bringing shorts or a strappy top please do so
Or you could make use of the towels that we have at hand 

Will I have treatment on my first visit
Yes we will endeavour to give some treatment after the assessment

How can I pay
We have a contactless card machine for payments or we can take cash 

Do you have parking
There is parking available outside, however if that is taken
there is a large parking area across the street which is free

Do you do home visits 
Yes we do, they are £75

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physical Therapy, Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic.

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physical Therapy, Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic.

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